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~ How The Madness Began ~

Written Spring 2000, Updated Spring 2008
Well, this is Alicia here and Anne doesn't know that I am writing this right now, {now she does} so I can say anything I want, really...

We first got into backpacking when we were bored one Labor Day weekend. Anne took my sister and I to BiMart in Ellensburg to buy camping gear. (No, we weren't backpacking yet.) We had stolen some rocks from the government when up at Manastash with my Grandma a few times, and couldn't wait to stay the night there. So we camped out at Buck Meadows and the next day we went hiking up to Manastash Lake.
That whole year we were planning hikes and itching to get back into the mountains, and that next spring Anne brought up backpacking. Personally, I thought people who went up into the mountains and expected to survive with only what they had in their pack were crazy. But me, being a follower and, well, crazy warmed up to the idea after a while. Our first trip was with just Anne and I and, man, it took FOREVER to convince my parents that we were responsible enough to do this and not die or be kidnapped or something. (Grandma helped us with this a TON.) After 5 days up at the Chiwaukum area, at the ages of 13 and 17, we were hooked...neither of us have since recovered.
Since then {this is Anne now} our feet have taken us over hundreds of miles of trail on roads,beaches,cross country and animal paths. It has been an adventure and a learning experience. There have been points on the trail when we have really annoyed each other but overall these experiences have brought us closer together. We have had to conquer fears and mature along with our responsibilities. I don't remember what exactly prompted the madness but I think it started with our first camping and hiking trip and after that just spiraled out of control. At first it was just Alicia and I trekking out into the unknown but soon my youngest cousin, Kira, got pulled into the mele along with her friends, and then eventually my sister. At this time we are still trying to convince other members of my family to tag along. It's only a matter of time because now that Alicia and I are both married we outnumber the non-hikers by a long shot.

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